‘Redline’ Review

Release Date: October 9, 2009
Director(s): Takeshi Koike
Production Company: Madhouse
Runtime: 102 minutes

Redline is set on far future where racers from across the galaxy gather to compete in the most popular race of the galaxy, the titled Redline, we follow racer “SweetJP as our protagonist as he prepares and takes on the popular race but there are some problems, some political conspiracies and secrets are treaten by the race, and some shaddy deals with the mafia are endangering JP’s friend life and his.

The movie does not dwell in-depth in any of the two plotlines other than the race itself and presents them on a surface level and are only brought up from time to time to as a small distraction from the car racing plot.

Characters are nothing more than archtypes with some distinctive visual traits and designs to separate them, that said, they don’t flat thanks to the display of charisma and eccentricity that makes them entertaining and memorable enough for the duration of the feature.

The main selling point of the feature are its eye candy visuals, there is a lot of detailed linework from the vehicles, the characters to the scenary, combined with striking a palette of dark and bright colors. 

Redline is a whatever excuse for a story that work as a window dress for the most incredibly well animated car racing you will ever see, period. There is nothing wrong with that approach and the film seem well content with that, it wants you to have a fun time just watching people racing and it does pretty good job keep you having fun and an enjoyable time with the little it has to offer and expecting something else will lead to dissapointed and a feeling of wasted time. 

It is an easy reccomendation as a time killer on a boring day with nothing else to do.

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